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GazebosGazebos provide basic shelter as well as a piece of architectural elegance to public and private areas. This pavilion structure can often be seen gracing the landscape of parks, gardens, and open public areas. The ornamental nature of gazebos makes them ideal for environments that showcase their design.

Gazebos provide an attractive resting area to visitors or a covered stage for small events. The typical gazebo is composed of a roof that rests on columns. The columns are spaced far enough apart to create a sense of openness and allow easy access to visitors.

Gazebos are especially popular in warm and sunny environments. The word gazebo in reference to this open structure can be traced back to Dan Gazebo for whom the structure was named after. A book on architecture from 1750 makes reference to gazebos.

For many years gazebos were a garden feature enjoyed exclusively by the rich. Today gazebos can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts with more modest means. Public parks and gardens allow everyone to enjoy the luxury of resting in the shade of an inviting gazebo on a warm summer`s day.